Your Dream Girl 03 – Anal


Anal-sex audio role play fantasy.

(Permanent, unlimited downloads)

Hardcore teaser trailer:

Our latest (and hottest) Dream Girl episode contains…

A fantasy where you get to choose the girl you’re gonna bed, whether it’s someone you know or someone famous! With the help of your playful and experienced wing-girl, Melissa, we’re gonna convince her to try anal with you.


  • Memorise your favorite photo of her in the warm-up phase
  • Use deep-state meditative focus to take advantage of a highly-vivid, imaginative fantasy state
  • An amazing 20-minute sex fantasy phase, including:
    • double BJ with your dream girl and your wing-girl
    • sex with both
    • anal sex with your dream girl
    • girl/girl oral sex
    • Hands-free orgasm

This downloadable product contains four separate mp3 files, including:

  • Original version with finger snaps
  • Version without finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats and finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats but not finger snaps

Each track is approximately 42 minutes in length. Because of length, it is highly recommended to download the product rather than try to stream it. Any interruption in hosting service, however small, could ruin the experience!



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