Your Dream Girl 02 – Sex

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Full-sex audio role play fantasy.

(Permanent, unlimited downloads)


Hey, baby! It’s Melissa again, your wing-girl.

So, about that super hot girl you liked… or maybe even another one this time… well in our second episode, you finally get to fuck her. While she’s going down on me.

Let me help you seduce and hook up with any girl you want, whether a friend, classmate, co-worker, famous girl or anyone else. All you need is a hot photo of her and we can get started.

And this time you’ll get to fuck her. As hard as you want. And I promise, she’s gonna love it! Because you and I own her in here. We can do what we like to her. Oh yeah, and you’re gonna cum inside her too.

Welcome to episode 2 of Your Dream Girl!

Love Melissa xoxo

This downloadable product contains four separate mp3 files, including:

  • Original version with finger snaps
  • Version without finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats and finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats but not finger snaps

Each track is approximately 45 minutes in length. Because of length, it is highly recommended to download the product rather than try to stream it. Any interruption in hosting service, however small, could ruin the experience!

If, after you order, there is something that we can change for you, to make the version better, please don’t hesitate to suggest it so that we can do our best. If there’s a way we can make it happen, we will.

In case of any technical problems with downloads etc, please let us know via the contact form and we will fix it ASAP for you.

If you enjoy the product, please leave us a nice review either on here, Soundcloud or Twitter (or all if you’re feeling very kind). We would appreciate it such a lot!



1 review for Your Dream Girl 02 – Sex

  1. exsoldieranti77es (verified owner)

    I love Melissa in this one and hope you can find the perfect photo of the girl of your dreams! Let Melissa take you away in this great erotic fantasy of the woman you always wanted to be with.

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