The Hotel 02: A White-Hot Wedding

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Titty-fucking and sex audio role play fantasy.

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“Tonight, a lot of the girls at this wedding are gonna get laid. Some of them with boyfriends, others with guys they know, others with guys they’ve just met today. Weddings kind of do that to girls.

Well, I’m only 26 and I get horny at weddings too.”

Take an exclusive tour of the hotel with Jessica, the manageress, and end up in a luxury suite watching a wedding. She lets you in on a few naughty secrets about what girls often do at weddings… and how she wants to join in… with you.

This downloadable product contains four separate mp3 files, including:

  • Original version with finger snaps
  • Version without finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats and finger snaps
  • Version with binaural beats but not finger snaps

Each track is approximately 36 minutes in length. Because of length, it is highly recommended to download the product rather than try to stream it. Any interruption in hosting service, however small, could ruin the experience!

If, after you order, there is something that we can change for you, to make the version better, please don’t hesitate to suggest it so that we can do our best. If there’s a way we can make it happen, we will.

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2 reviews for The Hotel 02: A White-Hot Wedding

  1. exsoldieranti77es (verified owner)

    Wow! It has been almost 4 years since I reviewed this one! I so wanted to hear the entire audio when I heard the teaser clip and it was so worth it. I really love this one and it made me a fan of Jessica! A great piece for titfuck fans!

  2. exsoldieranti77es (verified owner)

    mmm, Jessica’s voice so relaxing to listen to. I cannot get over how sexy and hypnotizing she sounds! She became my favorite because of the teaser of this video and I am pleased to listen to the full version of this!
    For the sex part:
    Really love how it starts and how you tease with your breasts 😉 Your voice really works, especially when I closed my eyes and imagined you doing this to me! I was getting hot and hard when Jessica started on the sex (great with the added sound effects to better the experience.) Her sexual voice really gets to you as she goes through each sex act! All in all, a personal favorite of mine and if you really like the teaser video, you’re really going to love the full version! 5/5

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