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Here’s Leah’s very first Real-Sex Audio (RSA).

Others like it can be found on our Patreon –


JOIs (Guided Masturbation):

And here is our first ever JOI.

Others like it can be found on our Patreon –

Interviews with the girls:

Hailey’s first ever sexual experience (At 17 years old):



(Check out the hardcore trailers on our product pages to see the increase in quality as new content has been created)

This one was our first ever freebie series, back at the beginning of 2016, and featured two of our original voice artists – Hannah and Allie. It was later banned by YouTube and SoundCloud for being too hardcore.

EPISODE 01 – ‘Come in my Bedroom’ (BJ)

EPISODE 02 – ‘Friends with Benefits’ featuring Allie (BJ and 69)

EPISODE 03 – ‘Wild Sex’ (Full sex)


Check out our hardcore product trailers:

‘Girlfriend’ series

This is our latest series – featuring Leah and Alison

(Girlfriend 06 is a threesome, although trailers for 5 and 6 have not yet been released)


‘Your Dream Girl’ series

Here is our second professional series – ‘Your Dream Girl’ featuring Melissa as your wing girl, guiding you through three hardcore fantasies with a girl of your choice. It uses strong visualization based on photos you have of your favorite female friend, ex, co-worker, classmate, or perhaps a famous girl. You decide!


‘The Hotel’ series

This is our first professional series – ‘The Hotel’ featuring Jessica and Hailey

(Hotel 05 is a threesome)